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Dear reader:

Back in the Jurassic age of 1979, when I started my lifelong love affair with news media, the Internet as we know it today was far from existing. Surfing only meant riding ocean waves and webs were the work of spiders. Back in that stone age, computers were not the kind of appliance to be easily found in your average household. Memory was what you needed when you had to take a math test; and the only mouse that people wanted to be close with was Mickey. Twenty years have passed and... WOW. This new incredible medium has brought down technological and financial barriers that until now critically limited the distribution of media products and services around the world. Geographical boundaries simply do not exist anymore, and new technologies are gradually allowing the blend of traditional media such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines into one comprehensive, user friendly, and most of all, interactive medium, available to all of us. However, although the Internet is global, we, as individuals are not. We live and work in our community and we are mostly interested in and effected by what happens around us. As an editor, whom used to be my partner, once said: “the best communities are those who are the best informed.” We, at Fourb Networks, have made that principle our philosophy and our mission. Having been in the city and community magazine business for over twenty years, we fully understand the role that a local magazine should cover. As members of our community, we want to be informed and entertained; we want to be updated about what happens in all aspects of the community, and naturally we take pride in learning what, as a community, we achieve in terms of education, health, business, the arts and ultimately the quality of life. This is what The City Newsmagazine Network is all about. The flexibility and immediacy that the Internet provides, in comparison with printed magazines, allows us to live with you the life of your community twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. What is most important, however, is the interactive capability that characterizes the Internet as a medium. We, at Fourb Networks, are merely providing the platform– an electronic City Hall if you will– but it is you, as an individual, with your contribution and participation, that can turn this into a valuable, useful and entertaining forum. A vehicle to inform and get informed. Enabling people to connect, to interact, to network with other members of the community. Your feedback is very important to me. I would love to hear from you, and get your comments and suggestions on how together we can turn The City Newsmagazine Network into America's information hub. After all, I am only a click away.


 Luigi Caria Bozzo, III  Chairman and CEO



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